Wall trunking

Wall trunking

Power and data distribution on the wall

Legrand believes in workplaces that are built efficiently and sustainably, while at the same time being stylish and equipped with all modern conveniences. That is why trunking systems must be fast and simple to install, safe and durable. Today Legrand has all the electrotechnical components (wall trunking, switch material, installation frames / installation boxes) under its own control and coordinates them perfectly.

Simply select your preferred material type

DLP plastic wallduct systems

DLP Snap on perimeter trunking

We are proud of the fact that our plastic perimeter trunking/wall duct systems are the most frequently used trunking systems worldwide. The DLP Compact plastic trunking owes this position to its quality, ease of installation and extensive combination possibilities with the Mosaic switchgear concept for public buildings.

DLP Compact comprises channel and lid in one


  • 1 compartment: 50 x 80 mm, 50 x 105 mm
  • 2 compartments: 50 x 130 mm, 50 x 145 mm, 50 x 180 mm

Black DLP-Compact plastic wall ducts

Modern black

Legrand has found a solution that combines the functionality of a wall trunking system with modern design in the DLP black perimeter trunking specially developed for Apple stores. All accessories are also available in the same black colour.


  • 1 compartment 50 x 80 mm 
  • 2 compartments 50 x 130 mm

To be equipped with Mosaic switch material

The integrated switch material concept for public buildings with more than 200 functions! You can find further information on the Mosaic product page.

DLP aluminium wall ducts

DLP Snap on aluminium perimeter trunking

For aesthetic installations or when certain properties are required that do not allow a choice between plastic and steel (e. g. in laboratories), you can use the DLP Snap on aluminium wall ducts perfectly. These can be quickly fitted with aluminium-coloured mosaic switch material by front mounting.

Available in:

  • 85 x 50 mm
  • 130 x 50 mm

To be equipped with Mosaic switch material

The integrated switch material concept for public buildings with more than 200 functions! You can find further information on the Mosaic product page

GWO Steel Wall ducts

GWO 6 and GWO Snap-on perimeter trunking

Legrand has two types of sheet steel perimeter trunking/wallducts: GWO 6 and GWO Snap-on. The GWO 6 trunking system has an 80 mm cover opening and uses mounting boxes, adapters and cover frames for the installation of switch material. The GWO Snap-on system has a 45 mm cover opening, into which the power supply and data connections can be clicked directly.

GWO Snap on


GWO Snap-on perimeter trunking: only advantages

Fast, elegant, durable and cost-saving

With the GWO Snap-on wall channel system, you can provide workstations with power and data connections faster, more stylishly and more sustainably than ever before.

Advantages of GWO Snap-on wall channels:

  • Compact wall duct with more cable capacity compared to the GWO-6
  • Minimum of parts required.
  • Quick assembly, because the Mosaic wiring devices program can be clicked in directly.
  • Extensive standard package of functions available, including RJ45, switches, VGA, HDMI and USB.
  • Perfect result, because all parts are perfectly matched.
  • Complete package with installation devices for quick mounting, partitions and accessories
  • Automatically integrated earthing system


  • Execution: 
    • 85 x 50 (symmetrical)
    • 100 x 50 (symmetrical)
    • 130A x 50 (asymmetrical)
  • Colour: white (RAL 9003)
  • length 2000 mm

GWO 6 steel wall duct system: proven concept

The sill trunking GWO 6 offers a wide range of sizes, lengths and colours and the possibility of using both traditional and Mosaic wiring devices-range. Just like the compact GWO Snap-on system, the GWO 6 system has an automatically integrated earthing system for all steel parts. The first earthing point can be placed almost anywhere: in the duct and on the coupling. Protective foil on the top and bottom of the duct provides extra protection during construction work.


  • Wall trunking available in:
    • 110 x 63 (symmetrical)
    • 130 x 63 (symmetrical)
    • 170 x 63 (symmetrical)
    • 170A x 63 (asymmetrical)
  • Colour: white (RAL9010)
  • Special colours quickly available
  • length: 2000 mm and 3000 mm

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