Forix IP44

Forix IP44

waterproof equipment

An economical device. This new series offers a solution for all spaces where an IP44 value is recommended; the garage, laundry room, terrace, ... 

Forix™ IP44 has all the most common functions in its range, very easy assembly and a shiny ergonomic finish.


Available colours: white & grey

Finish: glossy

Shape: rounded corners for a timeless design

LED lighting: Possibility to put a symbol with indication or ringing tone



All controls can be illuminated by LEDs

  1. Cables from 4 to 15 mm diameter, direct entry after perforation of the diaphragm
  2. Slide terminals for more accessible cabling
  3. Tubes from 16 to 20 mm diameter, cut-off diaphragm gland
  1. Two types of illuminated symbols available on the same finger: simple or bell-shaped
  2. Pushbutton with illuminated bell-shaped symbol
  1. Simply rotate the hubcap to change the symbol
  2. Doorbell
  3. Simple luminous symbol

The installer chooses the type of symbol when clicking on the hubcap.



  • Single pole switch - single or double pole
  • Two-way switch - single or double
  • Pushbutton
  • Inverter
  • Bipolar switch
  • Socket + Two-way switch
  • 2P+T socket - single or double

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