How can you achieve continuous uptime?

In short, the availability of data (and the servers the data is stored on) is guaranteed if cooling, power supply and connectivity remain assured in the event of an infrastructure component failure or when maintenance needs to be carried out.

Constant accessibility is therefor based on 3 main factors:

Continuity of Service

Legrand believes in providing a clean power supply with no electrical disturbance (micro-breaks, overvoltages, undervoltages, etc.) and choosing solutions that enable components to be replaced without interruption of service. For example, our flexible and scalable busway system allows you to relocate power anywhere you need it, and at any time without shutting down power.

The unique, turn-n-lock connection method used for the plug-in units is the key to our busway’s reliability. By inserting the plug head anywhere along the busway and rotating it 90 degrees, you get a constant, locked in, reliable connection – eliminating downtime and power interruptions caused by overheating or loss of connections.

Performance and reliability of solutions

The Legrand Group develops and designs its high-performance products and systems with safety margins well beyond the standards. We want to ensure they operate correctly irrespective of the environment in which the systems are installed and used. Reducing the risk of downtime.

Performance of structured Cabling Systems

The LCS3 structured cabling system ensures high performance and reliability for the installation via zero fault solutions and routing systems that are ideal for copper and fiber optic cables. All LCS3 components are tested individually at the end of production and their excellent performance levels over short links (up to 15 m) ensure availability of bandwidth at the highest frequencies.


Given the number of links in a data center, it is important to ensure the durability of the existing installations and prevent collateral damage which could lead to wiring changes. For this reason, Legrand has developed dedicated data center solutions which ensure:

  • compliance with permitted bend radii for copper and optical fiber data transmission cables thanks to the Cablofil range and a wide range of accessories for server racks
  • firestop partition feedthroughs (with the EZ Path system)
  • protection of cables while they are being installed or replaced thanks to Cablofil cable trays and their patented T-joint system

Access to the network

In order to achieve continuous uptime access to the network is crucial in both physical as well as remote accessibility.


With the Legrand LCS3 solutions there is more space than average for alphanumeric identification of the connections on copper and fibre optic patch panels, in both standard and high-density solutions. All patch panels can, thus, be equipped with labels available in numerous colours. It is also important to identify the various flows (copper, fibre optic, technical network, etc.). Legrand can therefore offer you solutions with cable trays, cords and connectors available in various colours for optimum identification! These enhancements greatly reduce the risk of mistakes and making it easier to perform maintenance which both help avoid precious downtime!


LCS3 panels are accessed and connectors attached via the front, and they have a quick fixing system on 19’’ uprights. The new copper system panels have been designed and produced to make maintenance and future upgrades easier. Available in flat and angled versions, they have a quick system for extraction of the connector blocks and an innovative cable guiding system for tidy and easy management of the cables.


Raritan’s KVM-Over-IP solutions precisely provide the ability to access and control servers from anywhere and over a secure IP connection, making it easier to act immediately in case of a problem.