Data Center

The function of datacenters is changing continuously driven by for example cloud computing, shared services, and environmental impact. Therefore we have developped a large range of modular solutions to suit your needs. From micro- to large datacenters. Securing network continuity in all types of circumstances !
The growing number of business and technical demands placed on data centers today are becoming increasingly critical: features such as cloud computing, storage capability, reconfiguration of installations, reliability, reconfiguration of existing systems and monitoring of operating costs all need to be considered. Legrand’s data center solutions product ranges work together to provide safe and secure power and data systems. In addition, our experts will support you throughout your project from design to completion and beyond. Discover the brands and products the Legrand Group offers and how it can benefit your data center project.

We develop reliable, efficient and scalable data center infrastructures

The tasks of a data center are constantly evolving, mainly due to factors such as cloud, data growth and reduction of IT costs. Over time, the activities in data center environments have become more numerous and dynamic. This creates new challenges in the design and future-proofing of data center infrastructure. Building a data center requires a high degree of flexibility and a modular approach. Only in this way is it possible to adapt to the constantly changing requirements of the market. Projects are also becoming increasingly complex due to increasing globalization. Support and other assistance services from a knowledgeable, trustworthy partner are therefore indispensable. WE DEVELOP RELIABLE, EFFICIENT AND SCALABLE DATA CENTER INFRASTRUCTURES Legrand, Minkels, Zucchini, modulan and Raritan's award-winning solutions enable you to benefit from optimal availability of mission-critical functions. Our team of local specialists designs and builds innovative solutions such as enclosures, cooling, power supply, structured cabling and access management to meet individual requirements. With over 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied enterprise customers, Legrand Systems is your trusted partner - worldwide.

Data Center Challenge

The data center is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. Ensuring that data centers are operated as efficiently and securely as possible is a top priority for any business. 

Legrand delivers comprehensive solutions to meet the growing needs of today's data centers with a range of innovations in connectivity, physical infrastructure, cable management, power and cooling. These systems support next-generation technologies with flexibility for future growth and energy and installation efficiency combined with superior design. Learn more about how Legrand can help you meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our offer datacenter solutions