Cast resin transformers

Cast resin transformers

Green t.he cast resin transformers

Cast resin transformers from Legrand (EDM) are distinguished by their quality and durability. For example, each transformer is tested separately before being sent to the customer. CRT transformers have very low load losses and zero load losses, which underlines the quality of the transformer.

Moreover, Legrand cast resin transformers are more compact, safer and more environmentally friendly than an oil-immersed transformer of the same power rating. Moreover, maintenance costs are lower than for an oil transformer because there are no coolants in the transformer. An additional advantage is that Legrand is able to supply the entire electrical installation: from the transformer to the transport busbar and the main distribution system.


Because Legrand CRT transformers meet the highest quality standards, the guarantee is 8 years for all transformers with standard features*.

green transformator

High efficiency green t.he cast resin transformers

General characteristics:

  • Closed resin insulated transformers
  • Permitted power from 100kVA to 3150kVA
  • Assigned insulation level up to 36kV
  • loss class AoAk
  • Environmental class certified E2
  • Climate class certified C2
  • Fire class certified F1
  • Hs coils cast resin, provided with aluminium oxide and reinforced with glass fibre
  • LS coils cast in resin and polymerised
  • Assigned frequency 50 Hz (other frequencies on request)
  • Available with IP21, IP31 or IP23 housing on request
  • Maintenance is limited to the absolute minimum
  • Relatively compact
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Market Segments

  • Commercial indoor applications, such as hospitals, airports and schools
  • Industrial applications, such as food industry, water treatment and production plants
  • Also very well suited for water management applications, such as pumping stations and pump housings.

Offshore and other marine applications

Industrial applications

Applications in the food industry

Due to the lack of liquids CR transformers are very suitable  to use in pump stations.

traction transformers

Traction Transformers

CLE transformers

Healthcare applications, CLE transformers with particularly low electromagnetic emission: