Cablofil wire cable trays

Cablofil wire cable trays are available worldwide and are a good alternative to sheet metal cable trays. With the help of a few accessories, you can install the right solution on site, for example in small spaces in false ceilings or technical floors. The cables are easy to attach and their insertion/withdrawal is easy thanks to the fine meshing of the wires. In addition, the open structure reduces the risk of dust and facilitates cleaning. Cablofil wire cable trays are suitable for the following segments: (food) industry, OEM, data centers and commercial buildings such as hospitals and office space.

wiremesh installation with worker

Discover some of the unique features

Cable tray Wire cable tray: zinc aluminium

The alternative to hot-dip galvanizing: more environmentally friendly and more corrosion-resistant up to class 8. 

In addition to wire cable trays made of zinc aluminium (ZnAl), the range is completed by various accessories and fittings made of similar durable materials such as zinc magnesium (ZnMg) and zinc nickel (ZnNi). 



  • Complete system: cable trays, accessories and brackets. 
  • Corrosion class 8 compared to standard hot-dip galvanized class 5 
  • Certified for maintenance of function 
  • Reduced environmental impact compared to the traditional hot-dip galvanizing process 
  • More robust than EZ+ or other organic coatings (reduced risk of scratches during transport or installation, high corrosion resistance during processing) 
  • Height 30, 54 and 105 mm 

FCFA wire cable tray FastClic auto

FCFA draadgoot FASCLIC auto

New integrated connector

With bottom connector from 300 mm width upwards 

Characteristics of the FCFA wire cable tray : 

  • Width: 50 - 600 mm 
  • Height 54 mm 
  • Material: Electrozinc plated (EZ) 
  • Distance between two supports: 2 meters 
  • Reduced assembly time 


Features : 

  • 2 versions :  
    • Faslock S for widths up to 200 mm 
    • Faslock XL for widths from 300 to 600 mm 
  • Materials: electro-galvanized (EZ), hot-dip galvanized (GC) and stainless steel 316L 
  • To easily create an elbow with the right radius 
  • Without tools 
  • Clipsable 
  • Protective cover for assembly safety



Plexo Adapter Kits for wire cable tray

The 80 x 80 mm and 105 x 105 mm boxes and adapters are available separately, but also as a simple complete kit! 

Ref. CM350537 = Plastic Plexo Adapter + box 80 x 80 mm 
Ref. CM350538 = Plastic Plexo Adapter + box 105 x 105 mm 

  • Quick and easy assembly 
  • Cables can be inserted quickly and easily through the end caps of the boxes. 
  • The boxes are IP 55