Universal suspension systems

Universal suspension systems

The right solution for every situation

Universal suspension systems and fasteners

An appropriate solution for every situation. Legrand has a wide range of suspension systems for wire and sheet metal cable trays and cable ladders. Several systems are available: threaded rod suspensions, wall brackets, pendants, profiles and strut rails. These systems are available in different materials and finishes for optimum performance in a variety of environments. 

Threaded rod suspensions

Threaded rod suspensions are available in the following versions : 

  • Open suspension bracket 600 N (or open C-bracket): Sendzimir galvanised, white RAL 9010 and hot-dip galvanised 
  • Sliding bracket 750 N: sendzimir galvanised 
  • Suspension bracket 1500 N: Sendzimir galvanised and white RAL 9010 
  • Claw 2500 N: Sendzimir galvanised and white RAL 9010 
  • Suspension rail P41S/R41S: sendzimir and hot-dip galvanized 


The pendants (ceiling) are available in the following versions : 

  • P21S light: hot-dip galvanized 
  • U50 medium: sendzimir galvanized 
  • U55 medium: hot-dip galvanized 
  • U60 heavy: hot-dip galvanized 
  • I-80 extra heavy: hot-dip galvanized 

The brackets can be fixed on both sides of the pendants. 


Profiles are available in the following versions :  

  • R21 light (strut rail 41 x 21)  
  • R41 medium (strut rail 41 x 41)  
  • U60 heavy profile: hot-dip galvanised 
  • I80 extra heavy profile: hot-dip galvanized 

The head plates can be fixed to the ceiling (also in the case of sloping ceilings). The profiles can accommodate light, medium and heavy consoles. Legrand is also thinking about safety: the ends of the pendants and profiles can be protected with yellow plastic end caps. 

Rails strut


The offer of strut rails is complete: 

  • 6 profiles: R21S/ R21SP/ R41S/ R41SP/ R41D/ R41DP 
  • 3 dimensions :  
    • Width 41 mm x height 21 mm 
    • Width 41 mm x height 41 mm 
    • Width 41 mm x height 82 mm 
  • 2 lengths: 3 and 6 meters 
  • 3 thicknesses: 1.5 mm, 2 mm and 2.5 mm 
  • 4 subjects:  
    • Hot-dip galvanized 
    • Galvanized sendzimir 
    • Stainless steel 304L 
    • Stainless steel 316L 
6 types Rail strut

  • Compatible with :  
    • Cable trays P31+ (sheet metal) and Cablofil (wire) 
    • Swifts and GLO-4 cable ladders 
    • Swiftrack Mounting Accessories 
    • Sliding nuts (new version E41) with easy positioning on R21 and R41 rails 
    • Light to heavy brackets such as CB and CRP versions 
  • Can be used as a pendant, trapeze suspension or direct wall mounting 
  • Conforms to IEC 61537, IMQ, BS standards 
  • New perforation pattern and easy fixing of the brackets thanks to the side perforations 


The brackets can be placed directly on the wall or on profiles (strut). 

The consoles are available in the following versions: 

  • Wall suspension bracket 500 N (sendzimir galvanised) 
  • Lightweight console 800-1500 N (sendzimir and hot-dip galvanized, stainless steel 316L) 
  • Medium console 1500 N (sendzimir galvanized) 
  • Heavy console 3000 N (hot-dip galvanised) 
  • Extra heavy console 6000 N (hot-dip galvanised)