Marking systems

Marking systems

CAB 3, Memocab and Duplix tracking systems



Universal marking system that fits all supports: cables, wires from 0.15 mm² to 6 mm², terminal blocks, power terminal blocks, Lina 25 ducts. 

Available in : 

  • numbers, numbers, letters, conventional signs, etc. 
  • Blank marker plates. 

Accessories: marker holders, marker holders, chargers, displays, storage cases, ...


Closed ring marking system for wires and cables in aggressive industrial environments. 

Marking length from 12 mm to 30 mm on sections from 0.25 mm² to 300 mm². The markers can be installed at the last moment.  
Accessories: binders, grippers, extractors, storage cases. 


Open or closed marking system (with cover), with markers or labels. 

Indoor or outdoor use (with UV protection cover) in clean or dirt-prone environments.  
Numbers, letters, conventional signs.  
Accessories: marker holders, label holders, protective covers, intervention case.